Launch of the New Updated U.S. Map for the Leadership Of Our Company.

“Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles” Announces our Updated U.S. Map!! You can now look at all our amazing leaders across this country. Just simply go to the “Get Paid to Share Page” and drop down to the XHL Expansion Map for our U.S. Market and simply click the box! That will pull up a map, simple hover over any of the red dots and the name of the person and their executive level will show.  Click the Dot and it will take you right to their site. This is a great way for new people looking at our business and website for the first time to be able to find someone close to them to work with. This is also a way for our existing distributors to find other people to work with all over the Country! Once you promote out to the level of the Executive Coordinator. Drop us and email and send us your picture!! We will put you up on the leadership map.     

Announcement of Our New “Xtreme 90-Day Challenge Winners”

Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles is proud to announce our Xtreme 90-Day Challenge Winners for the second time this year. We are so excited to announce Kelsey Murray who lost 70 lbs. and our first couple, Sheila and Patrick Gifford. Sheila lost over 29 lbs.; Patrick lost over 8 lbs., dropped 1 pant size in just two weeks, and addressed some medical issues made a huge difference in his life today. Visit our Product Success Stories page and read all about them.  Join our 90-Day Challenge and maybe you too can have a chance to Win the Vacation of Your Dreams”!